Concisely Explaining Truck Cab Styles

Truck manufacturers use different names to refer to the exact same styles of truck cabs. There is no one industry-wide standard. Truck dealers want truck owners to be informed.

Super and quad cabs are used interchangeably and refer to truck cabs that have four doors, although only two are fully functioning. Did you know, though, that extended, double, king, and access are also used to refer to this style? That's one style with six different names! Crew or double cab refers to a truck with four full-sized doors. So depending on the manufacturer the word double cab means two different things. Some truck manufacturers refer to a crew cab as a super crew or extended cab.

We'd love for you to see various styles of truck cabs up close. You can visit Charlie's Pre-Owned in Augusta at a time convenient for you to take out a truck for a test drive.



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