Back to School Automotive Tips

The words back to school have a different for everyone, but it almost always means more driving as parents take their children back to school and students drive themselves and their friends to school. At Charlie's Pre-Owned, we want you to be a smart driver that’s aware not just of safety but how to maintain your vehicle.

Here are some back to school automotive tips.
• Keep the dashboard clear of papers, wrapper or anything that might cause a distraction.
• Make sure your vehicle is current on all recommended maintenance.
• Allow more time than you need so you won’t feel rushed on the drive.
• Make sure all seat belts are functioning properly.
• Store backpacks and other school supplies in the trunk so they’re out of the way.
• Know your vehicles and how it should operate, including what any alerts may mean.

Stop at our dealership in Augusta, and allow us to service your vehicle or offer some back to school tips to make the drive as safe as possible.



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