Travel with Your Pets in Augusta Easily

As we always tell those who are getting ready to go on road trips at Charlie's Pre-Owned, it’s perfectly safe to travel with your pet. Advanced planning will keep your pet safe and comfortable while out on the road.

Your pet may not be used to the road. Get them familiar with the car by taking short trips first. Then, get them cozy for a long car ride. Have a carrier or crate for them to sit in with plenty of room to turn around. Larger animals can sit on the seat with a harness that is attached to the seatbelt.

Don’t feed your pet before starting the trip. Offer up food a few hours before getting into the car. Then, be sure to stop frequently for potty breaks. Don’t forget to bring food and water dishes so that you can feed them once you reach your destination. Also, be sure to bring vaccination records with you, just in case.



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