Toyota Corolla Exterior Features

The Toyota Corolla is a reliable vehicle with a fresh design and new safety sensors on the exterior that make it a dream to drive. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle for your newly-licensed teen driver or you want something that’s stylish and fuel efficient, the Toyota Corolla is one of the better-looking compact vehicles in its class. Made with new head lamps and fog lamps, you’ll love the way that the Corolla cuts through traffic quickly. The newest model is just slightly larger than the previous generation Corolla with a bigger trunk and more room in the bank.

This four-door five-seater is in the compact class, but it’s hardly one of those cramped vehicles. It’s got an incredible amount of head room and leg room despite still being in the compact market. There are also several designs for the Corolla trims, including the Corolla Hatchback, which is a sportier design than the base Corolla.

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