Winterization Service

Prepare for Winter with High-Quality Service at Our Service Center

Winter tends to put your used car through a lot more than the other seasons, so your car needs a little extra love to help it get through the coldest time of the year. Fortunately, winterization is among our specialties here at our dealership. So, if you're looking to whip your car into shape for winter, you can find some of the best prices around here at our service center. Curious about what we can do to help you get your car into winter-ready shape? Here's a look at some of the services that we offer:

Battery Check

Many winter breakdowns happen as a result of dead batteries. Why? Frigid winter weather can sap your battery's power. So, if your battery is weak, it might not have enough strength to survive winter and muster the energy it needs to start your car. Our team can test your battery to make sure it's strong enough. If it's not, we can replace it for you.

Winter Tires

How are winter tires different from any other tires? Winter tires boast two primary differences that set them apart. First, they're made of a softer rubber that stays flexible in the cold. Second, they have deeper, wider tread. These elements combine to create tires that are better at gaining traction on wintry roads.

Windshield Wipers

Be sure to check your windshield wipers to ensure that they're in good enough shape to tackle snow and sleet. Winter can create all kinds of visibility issues that can make driving more challenging and less safe. Replacing your windshield wiper blades when they're worn out is the best way to ensure that you can clear your windshield when you need to most.

Please feel free to contact our service center today to set up an appointment or ask questions about our other available winterization services. We hope to see you soon!